Top 10 Asset Management Consulting/Services Companies - 2019
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Top 10 Asset Management Consulting/Services Companies - 2019

Assets are considered as the lifeblood of the Energy sector. Working at remote locations coupled with harsh working conditions and strict regulatory compliances make asset management a challenging business function for the energy sector. Even a few hours of downtime of assets can create a substantial monetary loss. Hence, optimizing assets usage remains a day to day business requirement. Aging infrastructure, growing the cost of power generation, and the need to respond to disruptive technologies are collectively intensifying the pressure on utilities to invest in maintaining, expanding, and modernizing their service delivery assets.

The nature of asset management mostly depends on intelligence and insight from data. For effective asset management, companies must draw insights from a variety of lenses, namely, customers, processes, technology, information, structure, and people. New technologies are being developed to transform the way asset information is collected and analyzed, providing a foundation for utilities to run operations in a completely optimized method. With devices now capable of remotely monitoring and transmitting data in real-time, the physical distance between assets is less of an obstacle to operational efficiency. Besides, exercising tight planning and controls to manage data quality makes organizations far better equipped for timely, cost-effective interventions. In today’s data-driven world, there are significant opportunities to realize the full potential of asset management, which needs to be strategically prioritized over the board agenda. For genuinely effective asset management, it is critical to take a holistic approach and apply responsibilities across the organization, starting from the operative level. Organizations must ensure all parties are aligned, accountable, and aware of these responsibilities to reduce operating costs, increase availability, improve safety, and optimize processes, planning, and scheduling.

In addition, the asset management industry is leveraging AI and machine learning capabilities to process voluminous amounts of data and gain insights to increase productivity of financial advisors, improve portfolio management and attract new customers. This edition of Energy CIO Insights features companies that are at the forefront in creating value by solving the world’s critical energy infrastructure challenges. We present to you – “Top 10 Asset Management Consulting/Services Companies - 2019”.

    Top Asset Management Consulting/Services Companies

  • Advisian creates value by solving the world's critical resource, energy,and infrastructure challenges. Advisian understands specific commercial, technical, and collaboration challenges by proudly accessing decades of project and business experience to provide informed advice and ensure strategic, practical, and commercially-oriented solutions. As the independent consulting business line of Worley, Advisian provides a true end-to-end offering for clients, with approximately 3,000 consultants in 25 countries across the Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) regions, integrating strategy, management, and technical consulting expertise. Advisian is a practical, innovative, results-driven organization with a singular focus on the success of its clients

  • Being globally operational in the energy and utilities asset management space for the last 30 years, UMS Group holds in-depth cognizance of the obstacles that block organizational growth. Having access to emerging technologies and insights into best practices and new business models have been instrumental in UMS Group’s recognition as an Endorsed Assessor and Trainer for ISO 55000, by the IAM (Institute of Asset Management). The company today caters to more than 50 utility entities in asset management with is its spend optimization suite (“SOS”), The Operational Performance eXcellence (OPx) dashboard, and DRx or Distribution Reliability eXcellence platform

  • HelioPower


    HelioPower is a Western US-based integrated energy solutions organization that helps its customers to minimize their energy costs and construct energy resources by optimizing renewable energy production, demand-side management and return on their investment strategies both in the US and elsewhere. HelioPower uses a diversified approach to renewable energy technologies and experience in load reduction. Since the demands of energy users are highly variable, the company is committed to helping its clients recognize their particular energy issues in order to offer tailored services and products that are cost-effective to reduce energy costs

  • Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management

    Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management

    Kaiserwetter is an independent and global renewable energy services provider, which handles its processes and data electronically. It is the only organization in Enertech to offer this service to optimize returns on investment. This is due to ARISTOTELES, the groundbreaking IoT cloud platform, which incorporates all possible options for intelligent data analysis and information stimulation. The company offers its services to investors such as investment funds, financial institutions and utilitarian businesses in the area of renewable energy. Kaiserwetter has branches in Frankfurt, Paris, Copenhagen and New York, and is accountable for nearly 500 MW on behalf of third parties

  • Nautilus Solar Energy

    Nautilus Solar Energy

    Nautilus Solar Energy was founded in 2006 and is a leading national solar acquisition, growth, and asset management firm based in Summit, NJ. Nautilus Solar Energy applies its resources and expertise to solar projects in both the US and Canada to procure, develop, conduct and provide asset management services. Nautilus has raised over one trillion dollars of capital since its inception and offers asset management services to decentralized, community solar and utility projects throughout North America. Nautilus is one of North America's leading purchasers, designers and operators of public solar projects. The company recognizes community solar, including corporate, industrial, private and eligible residential off-take holder investment projects

  • NexGen Technologies

    NexGen Technologies

    NexGen Technologies has supported the government and corporate customers worldwide with high-grade, cost-effective business and technology solutions since 1997. The company provides a unique mix of careful planning and project execution to develop high-tech solutions. Nexgen technology recognizes, however, the business needs of every company are different and, as a result, offers the customer organization the right solution which starts with a comprehensive understanding of specific objectives and vision for an enterprise solution through business analysts and software development teams. The goal of the company is to provide a program that meets customers' expectations and offers the highest return on their IT investment

  • PA Consulting

    PA Consulting

    PA Consulting is a consulting firm for technology and transformation. In a world powered by innovation, the company believes in the power of creativity to create a positive human future. The corporation transforms uncertainty into profit as policies, technology and innovation clash. The diverse professional teams at PA Consulting combine innovative thinking and cutting edge technology to further and quicker growth. The clients adapt and transform, and together achieve enduring results. There are over 2,600 specialists in customer, protection and safety, energy and utilities, financial services, finance, medical, life sciences, development, transport, travel and logistics. The organization has offices across the Americas, Europe, the Nordics and the Gulf

  • Palmer Conservation Consulting

    Palmer Conservation Consulting

    Palmer Conservation Consulting (PCC) is an IoT (Internet of Things) Solutions Provider for Energy Conservation and Facility Management. With its headquarters in Toledo Ohio, PCC has consistently served education, commercial and industrial customers in Toledo Ohio with offices in Cleveland & Columbus. The level and sophistication of data available to us in today's business world have increased dramatically. The need for the integration of process and information is secure. The organization’s smart solutions can help. The organization provides solutions for commissioning, energy assessment, energy optics, master planning, measurement and verification, project consulting and smart building solutions

  • PinnacleART


    PinnacleART is developing, implementing and managing extensive resource and reputation programming in the oil and gas, chemical, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, wastewater and electricity industry processing facilities, including domestic oil and gas companies, super majors, junior companies and independents, to improve the international efficiency and quality. The company helps customers to mitigate the risk of inactivity, personnel security, audit and maintenance costs as well as overall asset expenditures and to ensure that regulatory standards are complied with. Mechanical integrity, reliability, testing, engineering and project management are a multifaceted skill in PinnacleART. However, these entire skills combined offer approaches that combine individuals, processes and technology



    SEAMS was established in 2002 and developed as an opportunity for the United Kingdom water industry to support government investment decisions. SEAMS offer organizational quality services and technology. Over the years, SEAMS has built and diversified the portfolio to meet the future planning needs of other companies through sectors such as power, highways, rail and the environment. The proprietary software product of the company is tailor-made for the specific requirements of the market, and the consulting group has been expanded to serve a broader client base. SEAMS continue to lead the technology market and are making a major investment in software innovations to ensure that the organization has concise, predictive and prescriptive analytics products and services